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Re: Thoughts.

> >> 4. Help system structure (where do we put the help files?)
> >/usr/man/help
> >Why there ?  Well I don't think it's such a good idea to stick 
> >something else in the /usr directory ( That's kinda like all the 
> >little DOS programs that need to be in root ).
> Makes sense. I think this question is directly related to the
> core/layers proposal that Omega was writing for dev-distrib. Omega?

It depends a lot on what the FHS 2.0 says.  AFAIK, all the docs of the
type we're talking about here go in /usr/doc, and there is no specific
structure set, so we can create our own.

As arma mentioned, the Core/Layers proposal has a lot to do with this,
because it's one of those things that will help or hurt any other
distribution wanting to be compliant.  For that reason, existing systems,
such as they are, should be looked into before anything is decided.

TASK: Create a complete list of every document and type of document (task
help, admin guides, etc.) that we plan to create, and attempt to
categorize everything into one, max two levels of hierarchy.

TASK: Look into how redhat, debian, and others organize what documents
they provide over and above man pages and that which comes with the
software (redhat's /usr/doc/<package>/* stuff).  First determine what is
provided, then determine how what is currently provided could fit into the
above scheme.  If there are any conflicts, attempt to working them out
without our scheme first, then consider how redhat/debian/whoever might
move their docs into our scheme if the former fails.

I'd like someone to take over each of these tasks.  E-mail me and Ken
(twoducks) telling us, and the task is yours.  You will be given an
account on cvs.seul.org (you@seul.org), and you can start work.


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