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Re: Alternate applications

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> In message <3539705A.2EF4BBB3@usa.net>, forgeltd@usa.net writes:
> A real help system is something Linux is sorely lacking these days (though
> now that you mention it, this is something that is missing in all the other
> OS's I've seen too). What exactly are the requirements we have for this?
> * Natural language parsing, so the user can literally ask "How do I view my
> graph?"
There are many search engines out there.  some sophisticated, some
best bet.  grab one and fiddle with it.  One thing that should be
possible is
some sort of adjustment to the quality of the search.  I.e. One search
that produces blindingly fast results even on a 486 and another that
a long time on a Pentium but produces far better results.  I mention
because KDE help's search is so slow.  accurate, nice, includes info and
pages but still slow.
> There are many possibilities here.
> >Why not just include help for other apps in a help distribution ?
> >2 reasons.
> This becomes moot if we allow helps to come from both application packages
> and help packages.
> --Roger

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