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Contacting other groups.

It seems that it might be a good idea for seul-dev-help to
contact other groups who may be interested in the attempt
that we will be making to improve documentation for the
end user.

I would guess that we do not want to duplicate any efforts
already occuring, so it would probably be best to contact
these other groups before any really serious effort is expended.

Some of the groups I thought should be contacted would be:

LDP (Linux Documentation Project)

At the very least I thought it would be useful to inform them about
the existence of this group and some of the actual concrete things
we would be attempting to provide (task-help, a help system). I assume
that if we were to work on documentation such as man pages (eew),
HOWTOs and the like we would do that through LDP.

Any comments? Are there any other groups that should be included
and is there anything else that we might be doing that they would be
interested with?