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Re: alternate applications

Two Ducks wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> <snip>
> >> Reading email
> >
> >The problem is that your heading is incorrect (or incomplete)
> > It should read something like
> >
> >task help -> KDE -> reading email
> >
> >Or "reading email with KDE"
> My concern is that there may be some users who will not understand
> what KDE, or GNOME, or whatever is. They just want to read email
Default help should be whatever desktop manager is installed ( KDE 
for this year at least ) then additional program specific help should be 
summoned when those programs are installed.

> >It's important that you don't propose you're instructions as a be
> >all and end all of how to do a task. For example, there are lots
> >of ways to read mail, there's no "one way" to do it. The instructions
> >need to be placed in the appropriate context to make sense.
> I suppose this might be fine. As long as the help files are written well
> this might not be a problem. The layout of the system will be much more
> important in this case.
> Ken
Simplicity = predictability.  
Put everything in a particular place by default.  If the user knows 
enough to move stuff around and install to alternate paths, he will be 
able to change what needs changing.
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