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Task Help Searching

I presume that the main way for people to access the task-help
(and any other help we create) will be through some sort
of sort engine. If we want to have a common interface to
our help it would require a common interface (and at least
some of the help systems do not have a built in search.)
There are a few options we can follow for search:

1. cgi combined with web search engine (swish-e, ...)
2. Application program written for various desktops
3. Leave it up to the desktop/system people

Number one requires the least work, but will not work for
straight browsers without some system running behind it
(apache...) It would work fine with KDE. Unsure about
gnome (but I presume it would).

Number two would require effort to make it work with all
help systems, but could work with everything.

Number three means least work for us but it probably
wouldn't get done then.

One and two combined (depending on the help system)
would enable it to fit in cleaner with the various systems.

Any other ideas?