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Re: office software

> I've started to add some links to this "task_help" file
>   http://www.ionet.net/~caryd_osu/david/html/task_help.html
> to "productivity software". (Does http://www.seul.org/ have a link to this ?)
> I've been told that Corel WordPerfect for Linux can import MS Word documents.
> Is there any free software that can import MS Word native format documents
> ? I haven't searched, but I know one person that keep documents in rich
> text format ".rtf", which seems to be a relatively neutral format that many

I have heard MS has a very peculiar idea of rtf (doesn't work with
other people).   Not testeed myself

> word processors (including MS Word) can import and export.


If free means 0$ for you then add the personal editions of StarOffice 
and WordPerfect

> Any better ideas ? Maybe I need to add sections "How to read various
> document formats" and "How can I create documents that people who use X can
> read".


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses