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Dial-up Networking (PPP) --revised--

This is a taskhelp on PPP.  I changed a few things, put it in html, and
here it is.  Go over this one more time, tell me what you all think. 
Bryce Tate
Title: Dial-Up Networking (PPP)

Dial-Up Networking (PPP)


This Task Help is designed to help you make a direct PPP connection to your Internet Service Provider(ISP) using the netcfg program included with the Red Hat distribution. From this you should be able to dial in and connect/disconnect to your ISP from the Command line or X windows.


First you will need to obtain some information from your ISP. You will need to find the address of the Nameserver(s) they use, find out if they use PAP authentication, the phone number you need to dial into, your username, and your password.

How to do it

Login as a regular user and then start Xwindows by typing 'startx'. Once loaded, open an nxterminal. Then change your user power to root by typing 'su', then type the root Password. Now type 'netcfg'. Once netcfg has loaded, enter the Nameserver address(es) under the Names tab. Then click to the 'Interfaces' tab and click on 'Add'. Click on 'PPP' then hit 'OK'. Insert the Phone Number, login name, and password in the corresponding text boxes. (If your ISP uses PAP authentication then click on the 'Use PAP authentication' check box.) Then click on the 'Customize' button. Check the 'Use hardware flow control and modem lines' box, 'Abort connection on well-known errors' box, and 'Allow any user to (de)activate interface' box. For line speed put '115200' and for Modem port put '/dev/modem.' Then under the 'Networking' tab click on the 'Set default route when making connection', and any others you want. Then hit 'Done'. Then it will prompt you to save and do so. Quit the program now.

To Connect and Disconnect

To connect to the internet from Xwindows click on the background screen and go 'Networking' then 'usernet'. After that loads, click on the button 'ppp0' (p-p-p-zero) and it will dial. To disconnect hit the 'ppp0' button again.

To connect and Disconnect From the Command Line

To connect from the command line you should make two small scripts and save them in your home directory(/home/username). At the command line (This can be in nxterm or the normal command line) prompt type

pico connect       Then type 

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
./ifup-ppp ifcfg-ppp0 &

Then hit ^x (control and x at the same time). Then 'y', then hit enter. Then in the same directory type

pico disconnect

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts ;\
./ifdown-ppp ifcfg-ppp0 &

Then hit ^x, then 'y' and hit enter. Now to connect to the internet from the command line just type

  './connect'.   To disconnect from the internet type  './disconnect'.