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Re: PPP task help first draft

On Thu, 03 Dec 1998, you wrote:
>>Hi, this is my first contribution to the seul project.  I have written a
>small PPP task help.  I would like any comments or recomondations.  I
>didn't see a main templete so I just wrote it how ever.  If you think it
>needs to be done differently then let me know.  Please everyone give it
>the once over and make any corrections. I attached it to this e-mail and
>it is in ascii text, is there any prefered format for the seul group?
>Thanks, Bryce Tate

Awesome. Glad you could help out.

I have a few comments on the task-help you have written.

First, this is definitely better than what I had to work with the first time I
set up my phone (which was a brutal task, at best.) I will add it to the
web stuff when you feel it is ready.

Currently the task helps have been written in HTML, with a couple of
different styles/formats for the documents. There has been some discussion
on using sdoc (the seul-documentation format) but as of yet no movement
has been made in that direction. Right now the most important thing is
content. If we are going to produce everything in the same format
eventually it probably won't be THAT large of a task to change everything
to the same format.

A few comments on the contents...

>     Login as a regular user and then start Xwindows by typing  startx'. 
> Once loaded, open  an nxterminal by clicking on the background screen with the
> left mouse button then clicking on  either  new shell' or  X Terminal'.

This does not work on my machine. I am using kwm as my window
manager. It might be best to referenve the existing documentation on starting
an xterm. We currently have a "Starting an xterm" document for several
window managers. I am not sure how the final product will work (this needs
discussion) but there will probably be some URL which will point to a help
file which will be symbolically linked to the correct "Starting an XTERM"
document for the window manager in use. Any suggestions on how we
might do this?

The one nice thing about HTML is it would perhaps allow you to provide
pictures with the document. The descriptions you have provided might be
enough, however. They were for me. I will test them on my wife when we
get some more time (my test subject, that is.)

Hope the comments help.