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Directories for help system install.

Hey there.

I have a few questions in relation to the help system and how it is to
fit in the
overall picture. Anyone have any suggestions on this?

The help system is composed of two main components:
    1. The help document (directory structure)
    2. The xhelp help browser.

The question is, for an installed binary (tar-ball, DEB or RPM) where
should the individual components be placed?

Currently the following components are placed in the stated directories:

Help document directory structure: /usr/doc/xhelp/help-files
  (This avoids conflicting with current help systems (man, HOWTO, etc.)

Binaries/executables: /usr/bin
Libraries:  /usr/lib
Additional components: /usr/lib/xhelp

I need to have this information before I can build the binaries.

Ken Duck