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Help System in cvs

The help system is now residing in cvs and any updates will
be done there. Full releases will not be done as often, and when
they are they will be done as binaries (debs, rpms and tarballs).
Not doing full releases as often will allow for faster update

Whenever something substantial is added to the system I will
mail the mailing list about the change, what it is and how it is

cvs structure:

The root directory for the help structure is dev/help
The following describes the sub-directories:

  o doc:                        Help system documentation
  o help_docs:                  Help documents
  o html:                       Web site documents
  o support:                    Scripts/files which support the help
    o setup:                    Installs existing docs into SEUL help
                                  (eg. HOWTOs, manual pages)
    o indexes:                  Search indexes
  o xhelp:                      xhelp program
    o bin:                      Binaries (packages)
    o doc:                      High level documents
    o html:                     xhelp web documents
    o images:                   Images used by program
    o scripts:                  Instalation/packaging scripts
    o src:                      Source code
      o browser:                Code browser
      o display_modules:        Display modules
      o doc:                    Low level code documentation
      o viewer:                 Code viewer


Installing System...

I will write shortly about performing an install of the system and post
(as well as post it on the web and write it to cvs).

Any comments, as always, would be appreciated.

Ken Duck