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Seul Apps & task-help

I have been in contact with the leader of the seul-dev-apps
group about help for SEUL applications. Since SEUL is still in
its infancy in terms of applications it is unsure at this point exactly
which apps should be covered.

We can assume that the GIMP will be included and it was suggested
that we might want to contact the GIMP group about writing some help
for them, since no help exists as yet for the program.

Task-help still needs to be written for GNOME and the basic apps
included within. I had also been writing task-help for KDE since
it was being considered (almost) at one time (and I had KDE running)
and it might be worthwhile to continue developing task-help for KDE as

It is also worthwhile to write task-help documents which may include
applications which may not be included in the SEUL distribution, since
it is always worthwhile to cover as much as possible.