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Re: Plan of action for dev-install

On 31 Jan 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> Does that mean than something special must run at the ISP site?  If
> yes then PLOR is not what we want.

I think that you need a program that recieves mail and news, and then
turns it into soup packets. I have no idea what a soup packet is.
I think fetchmail and cnews or some other news spool is our best bet.

Anyone know what a soup packet is so I can check out this program?

> Your box has a funny name.  Specially for an US box.

Actually I'm in New Zealand. stalin is my systems name (I'd just done a
project for school on Russia). thomson.net is a fake name, Wanted a
network name. My real address is thomson.slip.vuw.ac.nz (dialup
account). I didn't want to call my system thomson, plus I have a few
machines IP-Masq'ed behind me.
usa.net is a free pop-mail service that I use.


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