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Proposition for a simplified kernel recompiling procedure

Notice than I hate the folklore about kernel recompilings and I
certainly want than our users would get a kernel good enough they
never will be compelled to recompile.

However for intermediate level users it is possible to provide a
kernel recompiling procedure far safer and easier than the present
ones.  These are designed for kernel developpers not for ordinary

The common case is than the kernel will run on the same box it is
compiled for and this is the case that procedure will try to simplify.
It is possible to reduce the number of questions asked (they confuse
new users) by deducing the answers from the scanning of /proc.  For
instance it will not be necessary to ask about the processor used, the
need of FPU emulation, the support of PCI, the root peripheral.
Features not strictly necessary for booting can be made modular
without asking the user (it only incresases compile time).  Also we
should eliminate questions whose only use is to allow the user to hang
himself: an ELF distribution will not even boot (INIT will not start)
if the ELF format is not supported, a kernel not booting via initrd
_must_ include the FS used in the / partition.  Therefore these are
two questions who should not be asked.  We could also skip some
questions for rarely used features: root on NFS is not so frequent and
in addition the people using it are usually experienced users.

I addition it could take care of the compiling and install process.

Of course we should warn the user about the limits of this procedure
and refer him to the normal procedures in case he has unusual needs.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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