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Re: We have to make noise

On 4 Feb 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> We have to post propositions in seul-dev-install, to create movement
> and atttract developpers.
> -- 
> 			Jean Francois Martinez
> ==================== The Linux.  Use the Linux, Luke! =======================

I am getting concerned too. People may think there is no work going on
here just because there is no noise. I think your proposal is
conceptually sound from what I can tell.  I would like to understand it
better though, before triggering an avalanche of confusion.  So please
indulge me with a little more explanation. 

Jean-Francois has sketched out a proposal for the SEUL install process. 
I have asked him about a number of details so that I may understand what
he is proposing.  I also am hoping that his clarifications will allow the
dev-install readers to more clearly understand his proposal.  We want to
evaluate it on its merits while reducing the risk of the discussion
getting side tracked.

To be fair to Jean-Francois, this is his list.  We have been going back
and forth.  Jean-Francois has been more than patient with my queries.
Our schedules may not match well though.  Or it just takes time to
respond to each others points.  

In any case I see a few new names have signed up on dev-install.  I would
like to take this time welcome you.  We are small so far and have had
little traffic.  I have been in contact directly with Jean-Francois,
trying to get on the same page with him. It doesn't do much for his
signal to noise ratio but It may help keep the noise down on dev-install.

Jean-Francois, is there some time of day that you are most available?
Maybe we could get a little faster interaction.

Maybe this is a good time to introduce ourselves.

I am Randy Heineke.  I recieved a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati
in 1979.  I am complting my masters thesis in CMOS analog integrated
circuit design with the University of Minnesota.  I live in Rochester,
Minnesota (USA), where I worked for IBM, and now telcommute to school.
Most of my experience is with hardware.  My programming skills are quite
modest.  I have altered a few scripts.  I have managed to get some C
programs to compile.  I have written a little TCL.  I was asked to lead
dev-install along with Jean-Francois.  I wasn't too eager to accept
because of my lack of programming skills.  Jean-Francois expressed his
own reservations.  Yet we share a devotion to the concept of SEUL and see
install as a critical piece.

I have a few ground rules that Jean-Francois agreed to.  He has some that
I've agreed to.  I don't have them all here but I'll give you a few.

Install inludes getting a kernel configured for all of the users
hardware loaded.  

There is no room for insults here, not even about MicroSoft.  It reflects
poorly on us if we do.  It eats up bandwidth and energy.  It distances us
from good people, techniques and concepts.

There is room for arrogance.  Let people have some fun.