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Re: We have to make noise

> Jean-Francois, is there some time of day that you are most available?
> Maybe we could get a little faster interaction.

I tend to connect sometimes between 19 to 21 GMT.

> To be fair to Jean-Francois, this is his list.  We have been going back
> and forth.  Jean-Francois has been more than patient with my queries.

I have been thinking in Linux for end users since the day I was forced
to advise my brother in law to buy a Mac for his thesis (september 95)
so I have machine-gunned poor Randy with propositions until he felt
himself dizzy.

But sooner or later (the sooner the best) we will have to begin
managing programmers or eveluating software and here Randy can be a
better leader than me.

I hope next week we will have specs good enough to start two
programming projects: one for handholding the user in the DOS part
(yes I know you hate DOS, but it is for the good of Linux) and a
front end for helping people in the partitionning part.

			Jean Francois Martinez

==================== The Linux.  Use the Linux, Luke! =======================