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FIPS, defrag, etc.

> This can be done without porting fips.  We could have the install boot
> DOS, do the config thing being talked about elsewhere then run Loadlin.
> all in a bat file that calls external programs.

Using DOS to do any of the installation work explicitly has been tossed out 
3 or 4 times by this list, and the issue is finally dead.

Using DOS implicitly (by requiring the upgrading user to defrag/FIPS while 
still in DOS) is also a bad idea.  It reeks of incompleteness: "I still 
have to use DOS to *prepare* for SEUL?  Come on!  This is supposed to be 
better than M$'s crap, not depend on it!"

I have the code for FIPS and dosfsck on my drive.  Both are available from 
sunsite.  My challenge to anyone who wishes to take it on is to port FIPS 
to native Linux.  For extra credit, try to merge it with dosfsck by 
creating a single FAT-access library, similar to libext2fs, capable of 
forming the basis for a native defrag program.

Anyone up to the challenge?

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