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Re: Windoze->SEUL migrations

Cyberdyn wrote:

> Feat?  What feat?  I assume we are going to have them make a rescue flop or
> partition in case something happens?  And this rescue flop will be able to
> re-install lilo, as I have several times?  Specially if this is the install
> method.  Which I'm not really advocating.

 So what you are advocating here is that the SEU dump windows entirely??

> To automate it.
> You ask them if they will be running a windows partition at install.  They say
> yes.  You prompt them for the Win part size and part the drive.  This means
> that we will know where the win part is and can build a lilo.conf.  Although
> we'll know that if Windoze stays anyway.

  Yes I can see this, Do you want to keep windows installed {y}{n}   USER: Yes
  What drive is it on:
    USER: C
   What partition?
    USER: What the hells a partition.  Might as well dump the whole thing

> Have a script on the flop that will automagically re-installs lilo when it
> boots, or from a menu.  This probably should be done no matter what method of
> parting the drive since it will be loosing lilo that causes them to use the
> rescue flop at least 50% of the time.  Just redirect lilo to use the lilo.conf
> on the Linux part so any changes they make are included.  lilo -c
> /mount/etc/lilo.conf, I believe is the magic phrase.

  So now we are back at using an installation disk.  This is rather short
sighted.  Firstof all like it or not windows will be set up and working (with
applications {wll some
at least}) and your suggesting that the SEU will automatically disable windows.  I

think not

> This should be on top of the list for the recue flop/partition since we all
> know that Windows needs to be re-installed often, and thus will wipe out lilo
> often.

  I don't know about you all but I have had windows running on my computer since
itfirst came out.  The only time I have had to reinstall was when I (note the I )
screwed it
up.  Remember we are not talking about a networked system here.