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Re: Windoze->SEUL migrations

Mares Ma
On 19-Feb-98 Gregory Bell wrote:
->  So what you are advocating here is that the SEU dump windows entirely??

No!  I'm not advocating either method.  We were discussing one possible
alternative.  Throwing pro's and con's around.  I personally think it's best to
try to keep Windoze if that's what they want.  But it IS easyier to wipe it out
and have them re-install it for the reasons already mentioned in this thread.

->   Yes I can see this, Do you want to keep windows installed {y}{n}   USER:
-> Yes
->   What drive is it on:
->     USER: C
->    What partition?
->     USER: What the hells a partition.  Might as well dump the whole thing

This is really diging into the stupidity of users.  If you want to get carried
away with this, it's not hard to put a description of a partition in the
install process.  It's also not hard to figure it out without asking them.

->   So now we are back at using an installation disk.  This is rather short
-> sighted.  Firstof all like it or not windows will be set up and working

NO!  Do you understand the difference between a rescue flop and an installation
flop?  Short sighted?!?  Tell you what,  play the stupid user (the one that
doesn't know what a partition is) and remove that funny file named vmlinuz and
reboot your system.  Then tell me a rescue flop/partition is a short sighted

Or do an fdisk /MBR in Windoze, to simulate what Windoze will do during a
re-installation, then reboot.

->   I don't know about you all but I have had windows running on my computer
-> since
-> itfirst came out.  The only time I have had to reinstall was when I (note
-> the I )
-> screwed it
-> up.  Remember we are not talking about a networked system here.

What does a networked system have to do with file contamination from GPF's and
hard resets?

I've been running it since it came out too.  I had to reinstall it within the
first week because it didn't install things right, then again in a month from
file contamination from GPF's locking it up to the point I had to use reset
because even CTRL-ALT-DEL was locked up.  And you are the first person of any
experience I've heard make this kind of statement.

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