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Re: Windoze->SEUL migrations

> Mares Ma
> On 19-Feb-98 Gregory Bell wrote:
> ->  So what you are advocating here is that the SEU dump windows entirely??
> No!  I'm not advocating either method.  We were discussing one possible
> alternative.  Throwing pro's and con's around.  I personally think it's best to
> try to keep Windoze if that's what they want.  But it IS easyier to wipe it out
> and have them re-install it for the reasons already mentioned in this thread.

In a distribution intended for end users it is absolutely of question
to force people to embark themselves in an operation as difficult and
dangerous as a complete backup and reinstall of their windows
partition.  In addition few of them have any backup peripheral outside
the floppy unit.

It is to the people of dev-install (from whom I am one of
the co-leaders) to sweat not to our users.

			Jean Francois Martinez

"For drinking muddy water if that is the water of truth,
            for that the camel is needed"