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Re: Windoze->SEUL migrations

Cyberdyn wrote:

> This is really diging into the stupidity of users.  If you want to get carried
> away with this, it's not hard to put a description of a partition in the
> install process.  It's also not hard to figure it out without asking them.

 Hummm, let me think a moment.  The last time I bought a computer systemthe hard
drive came formatted as Drive C.  The whole hard drive (I think that
it was a 1.2 gig hard drive, not sure).  Unless things have changed then this
practice is still going on.  Remember that MSDOS uses drives not partitions
and, again if memory serves, when I installed win95 there was no documentation
that came along with it that covered anything remotely like partitions. In fact
I first installed Linux I had to dig up old DOS (circa DOS 3.0) documentation to
figure out what the installation was talking about when it mentioned partitions.

> NO!  Do you understand the difference between a rescue flop and an installation
> flop?  Short sighted?!?  Tell you what,  play the stupid user (the one that
> doesn't know what a partition is) and remove that funny file named vmlinuz and
> reboot your system.  Then tell me a rescue flop/partition is a short sighted
> concept.

 Actually I have Linux install on a secondary hard drive and windows95/NT installon
the primary hard drive so what you have said is rather a moot point.

 What I was attempting to say, in my own way, was that the idea that was put
delete windows and install linux then reinstall windows is just rather silly.  Have
take a computer that has a running operating system installed and tell them to get
rid of
the operating system and install something that is unknown and reinstall (also if
serves when I bought my last computer system I never recieved the disks that would
allow me to reinstall windows, I had to spend an additional 20 bucks to have
send me the disks to reinstall it) windows again.

Unless there is a compelling reason for the user to install linux there is no way
they will
follow this idea.