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Re: Some thoughts on SEUL

George Bonser wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Gregory Bell wrote:
> Huh?!!! I have NEVER seen anyone here say dselect was easy or friendly.
> That is exactly why dselect is being replaced.  It sucks for the new user.
> It is very powerful once you learn it but otherwise ... it can be less
> than useful.

   I don't think that I ever claimed that it was easy, just my observations.

> > Next point, the vaulted dependencies.  I don't understand this at all.
> > I had
> > assumed that once you installed a program it would work, alas this is
> > not
> > the case.  For example, after doing a basic install that included X, I
> > couldn't
> > get X started.  Don't know why, but there you go.
> You still have to configure it for your machine.  Installing the packages
> do not configure them.

 Isn't that what a package manager is supposed to do for you???  MaybeI just
have the wrong slant on things.

> > Redhat beats out Debian hands down.  Where Debian requires that you have
> > up to
> > 8 3.5 disks set aside Redhat lets you install from the CD-ROM (through
> > the use
> > of scripts that last of which runs loadlin).  This is a good idea (TM)
> You can install debian off the CDROM.  You do NOT need anything but a boot
> disk and if your computer can boot from CDROM, you do not need ANY
> floppies for a Debian install.  WHat you say is only for an FTP install.

  No you missed my point, Redhat can be installed without any disks at allwhile
what you say is correct I believe that you still need at least two disks
to do an install for Debian, maybe I am wrong but I don't think so.