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Re: Some thoughts on SEUL

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Gregory Bell wrote:

>   No you missed my point, Redhat can be installed without any disks at allwhile
> what you say is correct I believe that you still need at least two disks
> to do an install for Debian, maybe I am wrong but I don't think so.

If you can boot from CDROM you need NO diskettes for Debian.  If you are
booted from DOS, you MIGHT not need any diskettes to install Debian, if
you are installing from CDROM, you need one disk if you have >4M of RAM,
two if you have <4M (one root disk, one boot disk).

How do you boot into Linux from startup with RedHat without a boot disk if
you do not already have DOS installed and if your system will not boot the
CDROM? You STILL need a boot disk for RedHat if it is a clean install.

George Bonser 
If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen sig)
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.