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Re: Some thoughts on SEUL

Hello all,
	yes dselect does really need to be replaced.
SEUL will do that.

As many of you might know, I have sent out an alpha of a package
It really could be a precursor to the SEUL install.

winstall currently does install packages.
it has an easy to use interface (just check off which package
you want to install click on go and then run webdo)
It was in the process of getting a web front end to dip.
BTW, I have not written it but I think that dip should also be
included as a standard SEUL package.

I am wondering what people think of my idea for the package.
Unfortunatly, I slightly slowed down on development and got a bit
depressed about whether it is really the right way to go for
doing seul.

I finally ran into the linuxconf application.
It does look like a lot of time was spent with that application.
And linuxconf does a lot.

personally, I like what it does but am not happy with the design.
(using C++ and having to configure extra modules in the package
just does not seem right to me, also it does a dosey on debian
when you try to use it)

I am wondering what people think about winstall. 
	The  current version will do a ftp install from selected
	If this was to move forward, it should take a few people working
on it (if we want it to be done this year)
my package is really a basis for a view of useage of the OS.
the base idea is that you should be able to configure your machine
via a web client and a simple security system.

I have not gotten any real comments one way or the other yet.
	Is this the way that seul should go	
or 	should it go another way?

If this is the way to go then I would like to hear some hands
so this can take some life off of the design paper.
Matthew Hirsch
Email: mph@dorsai.org            	Sat Nav: 40 46'deg N 73 59' deg W