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I'm afraid that I'm ready to give up on much productive work coming out
of the SEUL organization. However, there probably are some talented people
here who can do real work, and perhaps I can provide them a way to do so.

If there are any programmers in the SEUL project who have concrete
tasks they want to do, and can use the support of a _working_ organization,
I'd invite them to become Debian developers and make use of our resources.
Proposals should include an outline of the task you want to achieve, and
should show that you've studied how that same task is being done on existing
Linux distributions. You should be willing to do most of the programming on
your own, and while some coordination with others is necessary, you should
expect to be the design lead for the project. Send me mail if you're 

Those who are contributing all of the talk, talk, talk can stay right here
and continue to talk about the work they are not doing.


	Bruce Perens