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Why SEUL is not getting anywhere

I agree that SEUL is not getting anywhere. I think the reasons are different
than the ones posted.

SEUL still seems to be little more than a debating society.
I hear that there are people working on software, somewhere. I have not
seen a line of code.

The only things I hear about them working on are problems that have 
already been solved in other distributions or in GNOME.

While SEUL has existed, a small group of Debian developers got together
and re-wrote the entire Debian installation system, without much debate.
So, productive work in the direction you are interested in can be done,
but perhaps not in your present context.

Debian, Red Hat, and Caldera are all working on ease-of-use. We will get
ease-of-use done with or without SEUL. We share code on these issues.
Whether you work with Debian or Red Hat should not make terribly much
difference in the speed that you get code written, and it should run on
both distributions. Debian and Red Hat have been exchanging installation
system code, and Debian is working with Caldera on COAS. So please don't
tell me about "backward leaps".

I do agree that any work you do would probably be taken into Debian
and distributed with Debian, but I don't see that this is a bad thing.
It would just mean more users would get it.

I would like to see people go off and work on individual projects and
actually upload Debian or Red Hat packages based on them that really
improve the ease-of-use of the system. Until that happens, I have little
evidence that SEUL can contribute anything but talk.