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Re: Why SEUL is not getting anywhere

> Debian, Red Hat, and Caldera are all working on ease-of-use. We will get
> ease-of-use done with or without SEUL. We share code on these issues.
> Whether you work with Debian or Red Hat should not make terribly much
> difference in the speed that you get code written, and it should run on
> both distributions. Debian and Red Hat have been exchanging installation
> system code, and Debian is working with Caldera on COAS. So please don't
> tell me about "backward leaps".

Quite simply when they tell me to trade a distrib not needing kernel
recompiling for one needing it far more often because it has a much
bigger kernel (no use of initrd) plus the fact than it has minimal
nrtworking (no problem for an end user but a problem for a company) I
do not see it as a forward leap.  And when I look at other some
details like that I see too much traditioanalisms like that who
translate into a difficult distrib for end users.  I don't have Debian
2 but Debain 1.3 _was_ a backwards leap.

			Jean Francois Martinez

The worthy man is the one who would drink muddy water if such were the
water of truth.