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Re: Some thoughts on SEUL

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > couldn't get X started.  Don't know why, but there you go.
> I guess you were supposed to configure it.
Hmm ... culd this be why Debian isn't SEUL ? :) 
> An idea for improvement would be to have Druid advise about
> partitionning issues or even to have a full automatic mode.
Partitioning by it's very nature is going to be scary and difficult.
The closest thing I have sean to an easy partitioner is Partition
Magic.  This has a nice look and feel to it and bolting fips and
fdisk together behind a PM face would do wonders for SEUL. 

I especially like the idea of showing the relative size of partitions 
graphically and showing extended partition as a wring around the logical
volume/s makes them understandable to people who didn't "get" it 
> The new Xconfigurator detects the hardware you have and selects the
> right X server.  You only have to tell the resolutions you are
> comfortable with and even if sometimes not perfect you are running.
When it works properly.  It also insists on running my 4 Meg Virge in
16 Bit color ( A technical problem rather than a design flaw )
> GLINT does not mount the peripheral.  However you can use the autofs
> to have the CDROM mounted as soon as a program (like GLINT) moves to a
> subdirectory of the mount point.
Another candidate for SEUL default.  CDRoms and Floppies should
be automounted to an easily remembered path ( "/A:"="/dev/fd0" and
"/CD"="/dev/cdrom" etc... )
> If you can boot from CDROM nor RH nor Debian require flopppies.  If
> you can't then RH wins: 1 floppy most time, 2 if you are unlucky.
SEUL shuld alow all the diferent methods.  And then some :)
> Colorizing requires ls doing additional work: stating the file and
I haven't noticed a performance difference or any other drawbacks to
"ls --color" so it must either be minor or unnoticeable on any kind of 
chip >486SX.
This MUST be the default for SEUL
"Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."