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Re: Needed: Files/info for sysinfo development

Thank you for the responces. This gives me some more to go
on and hopefully soon I can provide some basic programs to play

On Thu, 09 Jul 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>Sounds good. I recommend focusing on static displays of
>hardware settings rather than dynamic displays of meminfo,
>cpuinfo, etc. Programs like xosview, top, xload, xnetload are
>very common these days, so you'd be duplicating a lot of work.
>On the other hand, a program that went through and display
>current hardware settings in a nice graphical manner would be
>a valuable contribution to the Linux world.

That is what I have currently.

>Have you looked very far into using gtk? I think that for the
>audience that sort of program would appeal to, it needs to either
>be gtk or kde before people start seriously considering it. Granted
>that if you write a good backend somebody will eventually get around
>to writing a good frontend for it, but I think they should be more

Actually, the front-end I currently have is written in C, using gtk.