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Re: Needed: Files/info for sysinfo development

Whoops. By the way. Thanks for any help and/or suggestions.


On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, twoducks wrote:
>I am currently writing a prototype for a sys-info program
>(or set of programs) which determine the hardware
>running on a system and provide the device information
>in a pretty way. I have done almost as much as I can using
>my hardware, but wanted to do some further development on
>hardware I do not own before presenting my work for scrutiny
>(plus I need more time to improve the GUI).
>In order to continue the work I need to get some files which
>reside on other people's system which contain hardware
>information. If you can send me these files it would be
>greatly appreciated:
>The following information would also be usefull:
>o Other files which contain hardware/device information
>o Programming information for accessing hardware
>o Information on how to configure specific hardware
>o Programs which retrieve hardware information and/or
>   configure hardware
>o Any hardware specific information which may be usefull: for example
>   any information which is not in any of the files on your specific
>   hardware. This information can be coded into the program.
>o Anything else related to the hardware, configuration or whatever
>   else sounds similar.
>The eventual goal would be not just to have the set of programs be able
>to detect and list information on the hardware, but also configure the
>hardware and perhaps help in the configuration of modules and
>associated software (and whatever else makes sence.)