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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

řann 14-Feb-98 skrifar Cyberdyn:
> 2 scripts can handle 2 aspects of your statement.  Initial use should bring
> the user into an 8 bpp failsafe mode with a script to setup his color depth. 
> The script uses alternat Xserver files with progressive depth settings and
> times out if the user doesn't validate the depth is working.  The higher
> depth files are removed from the system and the default in the Xserver file
> is set to the highest his card handles.
  We should make use of VGA16 server for initial installation, and use the
generic mode.  All Super VGA as well as VGA should support that.  From here
the user can use, either a custom tool as I hear Red Hat does, or the X
configuration tool to setup the display,card, etc.

> We can only do our best to cover all bets and make changes as new situations
> occur.  I wonder if xdm can be placed in the inittab so as to catch the
> repawning when the Xserver flashes due to an error.  Then init could stop
> this for us.  The user could switch to a VT and scream for help.  
  It shouldn't be too hard to customize XDM to catch this... we need to keep
the sources for the X version we intend to use, and adding some simple code
to check if XDM is in a respawn loop isn't that complicated.

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