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Monitor/vidcard database

> I'd rather build a database, that connects Freq,DotClock,MaxX,MaxY,Depth
> and the make a program that sets the Display mode, pauses for 10 seconds,
> and then asks the user to confirm the mode was ok.  The card can be
> probed for the Dot clock, and memory which delimits the
> Depth/Width*Height.  Or, in a similar manner Windows does it...

I have the beginnings of code to extract the entire Windoze95 monitor 
database, which is reasonably complete: weighs in at ~1000 monitors in the 
copy I have (not the latest).

I need someone to take over development of that script, and develop a 
standardized format for monitor/card information (if one doesn't already 
exist).  Once we have that, we can ask the user for their monitor and 
vidcard information (or probe it if we can), and build up the list of video 
modes they can do.  Then, if we can allow switching modes on-the-fly, we 
can present them with that list.

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