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Session management?

> While we are at it, once X is configured the user should be able to
> change res with a program.  i.e. click on a menu select a 
> depth/size/frequency from the list of supported settings ( created
> during the config ) then have X switch to those settings.  Restarting if
> necessary.

This is where session management (xsm) may come into play.  I've never 
used it myself, but I'm going to read up on it and get alpha using it.  It 
may be the answer to restarting the X server.  It may allow users to keep 
their applications open.

Hmmmm... that may not work though.  There are likely many many program out 
there that can't handle changing bit depth, or other things like that.  The 
window manager would have to be very savvy as well, able to move windows 
around if the screen size changes.  Windows falling off the end of the 
screen isn't cool.

Anyone know how session management works?  If so, please write up something 
to the list, either pointing us at decent documentation (depressingly hard 
to find for most things...) or just giving us the basic in your own words.  
Such a post would go on the website, so plz make it semi-formal.


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