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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

>   I'd rather build a database, that connects Freq,DotClock,MaxX,MaxY,Depth and
> the make a program that sets the Display mode, pauses for 10 seconds, and then
> asks the user to confirm the mode was ok.  The card can be probed for the Dot
> clock, and memory which delimits the Depth/Width*Height.  Or, in a similar
> manner Windows does it...
While we are at it, once X is configured the user should be able to
res with a program.  i.e. click on a menu select a depth/size/frequency
from the list of supported settings ( created during the config ) then
X switch to those settings.  Restarting if necessary.  Sometimes you
just feel the need to run in a different resolution for a while.  i.e.
1280*1024*256 for CAd and 800*600*65k for writing ... on the same
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