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Re: SEUL: Stopping dreams

>   XDM is widely used as a default, in most places I've seen unix runnig with X
> Windows.  And on other platforms, like SGI, they have their own version of XDM,
> but in general... an XDM style login is the default for Workstations.
Of course.  These people build the Machines they install XDM on.  They
X will work the way it's configured on that system all the time.  Unless
user turns root and deletes something or a chip on the card goes pop.
The challenge to SEUL is to make an X install that will work in 99.9998%
systems.  ( I have seen a VGA system that couldn't run Win3.11 in basic
... that is the missing .0002% )
: "Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
: backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."