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I've been reading through the GGI pages, and it looks very cool.
It is designed as a replacement for the kernel screen handles, and the
SVGA libs. It has modular device driver support. The project looks as
though it was started to stop SVGAlib/X-win crashing, by modularizing
everything (my understanding at the moment is that X just 'steals' the
screen off the kernel, so GGI would be a lot more stable).
It is in very early development stages, but so is much discussed on these
lists. They currently have an unaccelerated X-server, and an ELF SVGAlib
replacement (I think), so you can still run all your favourite programs :)

Berlin, designed to be a replacement for X, is to be written for the GGI
first. Berlin seems to be trying to take the best bits out of MacOS and
Win95, and is designed to be easy to use.

Maybe we should be considering using GGI and Berlin, for the future?

Just a thought, comments?