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RE: GGI/Berlin?

On 08-Feb-98 Orn E. Hansen wrote:
->   What you have written about GGI and Berlin are thought provoking, they
-> seem like systems that would be interesting.  And would be worthy to try
-> out, when they become usable.
->   However, SEUL is going to be a Unix style system.  And it isn't a very
-> good
-> idea to start by radically changing the user interfaces, just notice the
-> effect
-> the changes from libc5 to libc6 is having.  Every other Unix system, that is
-> using a graphical user interface is based around X.  Leaning away from that,
-> at
-> this time, may risk a complete incompatibility with all the software that is
-> already widely available on the freeware market.  And that wouldn't make
-> very End User friendly. IMO.

I haven't looked at Berlin in some time, but I was under the impression that
Berlin is the next version of X, i.e. X11R6.4  or X11R7.  Am I incorrect?

Could you point me to the Berlin page?  I was looking for it a few weeks ago
and couldn't remember where it is.

Rick Jones
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