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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

řann 14-Feb-98 skrifar Donovan Rebbechi:
> I'm not technically aware enough to say much more on this other than the
> fact that it boils down to whether it's possible to catch xdm if it fails
> at boot, or somehow detect the 'loop of death'. 
  You can detect the loop of death, either by timing the 'respawn' to see
if the program is being respawned before a user can actually intervein.  Or
you could scan the X log file, to see if X is being shut down because of
an error.

> but the display unusable , though X doesn't seem to 'realise' this. You
> need some way of squashing this potential glitch too.
  X Windows is made for many kinds of machines, with many kinds of OS's
and many kind of system layouts.  It is a very powerful tool... when
installing it, on say a PC, you could use some installation program that
would, prior to the X startup, read the configuration information from the
Video BIOS... the one that comes with the video card the user has.  With
this information, it is easy to do the calculations needed to have the
display stable.

> in fact the IRIX machines have such a thing. Moreover, they you can shut
> them down as user, you are presented with a root password to shut it down,
> and on success, the machine shuts down.
  I'm a great fan of IRIX and SGI... love those machines.  And their
desktop is user friendly, and it is stable... something you can't say about
Windows NT :-)

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