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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> řann 14-Feb-98 skrifar Kevin Forge:
> > That's what he was trying to say.  CTRL-ALT-BS sends you right back
> > where
> > you started,  which in the case of the 14" elchepo monitor set to run at
> > 1600*1200@85Hz,  is not a nice place :)
> > --
>   It's not a nice place to be in any system.  Last summer, I was working
> at a highschool, and some of the kids forced a Windows NT Workstation, with
> a 14" monitor into 1280x1024x70hz mode.  To solve this, I had to get myself
> a 15" monitor capable of the resolution, put it there, and then set the
> resolution back... there was no console mode to help you on NT.
Much as I hate to admit it.  NT has a more elegant solution.  
Hard Reboot.  then select "WinNT VGA mode" at the boot manager prompt.
You can then boot up to a basic VGA screen and setup the graphics.
>   ...on X this is easier.  When XDM has started, one could give a brief
> message to the user, on the console.  By displaying something like "use
> CTRL+ALT+F1 to get a Console prompt". And if our patched XDM would discover it
> was in an init dead-loop, where the X server was always returning an error, it
> could stop with a message "X Server is unable to start graphics mode, please
> solve before exiting", and execute the menu shell, Donovan was mentioning, where
> the user could solve the problem and when returning XDM could either continue,
> or die depending on how the user configured or dis-configured it?
This depends on the X server knowing there is something wrong.  Normally
when it gets screwed it doesn't even know it.  And my suspicion is that 
a fail-safe will mistakenly think something is wrong.
Kinda like how Parity check on IBM PC compatibles didn't help anyone 
until some genius wrote a virus that delivered a fake parity check
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