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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

řann 14-Feb-98 skrifar Kevin Forge:
> That's what he was trying to say.  CTRL-ALT-BS sends you right back
> where
> you started,  which in the case of the 14" elchepo monitor set to run at
> 1600*1200@85Hz,  is not a nice place :)
> -- 
  It's not a nice place to be in any system.  Last summer, I was working
at a highschool, and some of the kids forced a Windows NT Workstation, with
a 14" monitor into 1280x1024x70hz mode.  To solve this, I had to get myself
a 15" monitor capable of the resolution, put it there, and then set the
resolution back... there was no console mode to help you on NT.

  ...on X this is easier.  When XDM has started, one could give a brief
message to the user, on the console.  By displaying something like "use
CTRL+ALT+F1 to get a Console prompt". And if our patched XDM would discover it
was in an init dead-loop, where the X server was always returning an error, it
could stop with a message "X Server is unable to start graphics mode, please
solve before exiting", and execute the menu shell, Donovan was mentioning, where
the user could solve the problem and when returning XDM could either continue,
or die depending on how the user configured or dis-configured it?

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