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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

Cyberdyn wrote:
> On 14-Feb-98 Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> - ->> The right thing to do is allowing the user to start X from the command
> - ->> line but making it easy to switch to XDM once he knows X works.
> - ->
> - -> yep.
> Nope.  There is *no* reason for a console environment to be the users first
> impression of SEUL outside of not wanting X or using some off the wall
> hardware, in which case s/he probably knows not to use X to begin with.
> - ->> We
> - ->> must insure he knows how to set up XDM and how to return to command
> - ->> line.
> Easily done in XDM itself.
> - ->> Also have a couple of gettys started even in XDM mode.  In that mode
> - ->> XDM will restart another server if you use CTRL-ALT-Backspace so you
> - ->> can't use it for going out of X.  In contrast you can use CTRL-ALT-F1
> - ->> to go char mode and kill xdm from it if you a getty started.
> I don't follow you with this.  CTRL-ALT-BS restarts the same X server.
That's what he was trying to say.  CTRL-ALT-BS sends you right back
you started,  which in the case of the 14" elchepo monitor set to run at
1600*1200@85Hz,  is not a nice place :)
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