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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

řann 15-Feb-98 skrifar Cyberdyn:
> This is interesting.  I didn't know the BIOS on the card had these settings. 
> Is this something that can't be done in Linux because the settings get
> cleared?  If so, how hard would it be to write a program that can be run
> under DOS to record these settings in a text file to be parsed into
> XF86Config mode timings section?
  It's not accessible by Linux, because you can't call the BIOS from it.

  Not hard at all, but usually you'll have to have the Video BIOS setup the
video mode, and then read the settings from the Video registers.  There are
some BIOS versions that will allow you to read the modes, but not all.

  For Windows, it's easy, it only has to query to BIOS about the possible modes
available.  Then it can make the connection between usable modes and memory on
the board, to figure out mode*depth.  Then it just calls the Video BIOS to have
it set the mode... on Linux this isn't so easy.  The Video BIOS isn't
accessible, so you would need to run a program in DOS mode that would select
the modes available.  Do what windows does, but also *test* the  modes as
well and then read the video registers and save their contents for use in
calculating the proper settings for X.  That way, you'd get stable ModeLines
right off... no xwidtune.

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