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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?


On 15-Feb-98 Orn E. Hansen wrote:
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- ->   One way, I think would be preferrable.  Is to have the initial setup,
- -> one
- -> that would be needed to start under MS-DOS... or during the boot.  Could
- -> query the Video BIOS.  The Video BIOS comes from the manufacturer, and has
- -> all the settings needed for the Card.
- -> 
- ->   Originally, I had an EGA monitor connected to my X Windows... as you
- -> know,
- -> EGA isn't included, so this is what I did.  I went into MS-DOS, asked the
- -> Video BIOS for the settings of 640x350, stored the register settings, and
- -> then made my own driver to set it up in X... an ugly method, but since we
- -> can't query the BIOS from Linux...

This is interesting.  I didn't know the BIOS on the card had these settings. 
Is this something that can't be done in Linux because the settings get
cleared?  If so, how hard would it be to write a program that can be run
under DOS to record these settings in a text file to be parsed into
XF86Config mode timings section?

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