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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> řann 15-Feb-98 skrifar Kevin Forge:
> > I was trying to make this point.  Any Fail-safe can fail.  And because
> > of there complexity it's near impossible to make an unbreakable GUI
> > How are you going to prevent a user from telling his computer that
> > his old ( pree PnP ) NEC 14" monitor is actually a 21" Monitor of the
> > same vintage ?  There must be a way out that works weather or not the
> > GUI thinks it's broken.  This escape must leave him in a position to
> > easily configure his system.
>   That I agree with 100%
>   My point is, however, that a character based menu setup should be a
> fallback option.  For those who just don't want GUI setup, and if the GUI
> setup is too screwed up for the user.
>   It's true that many Unix/Linux guys just don't want GUI, and that's just
> why GUI isn't the de-facto standard for Unices.  But at the same time, we
> must acknowledge that most users *want* GUI.  To them, a GUI is like a
> brand new stereo... sure, their old stereo does the same.  But the brand
> new one, is _hot_ stuff... get my point?  And in most lower grad colleges
> and high schools, the only thing people learn about programming, is to
> put a button on a canvas and code for it to say "print x+y,'hi mom'".  For
> these GUI is the computer... without it, it's like a typewriter.
>   You and I know it isn't like that... I use GUI, but I like the Unix layout
> because it gives me the power over the system.  I use Linux, because it
> gives me development power, which you don't have on other systems... and, I can
> even get GUI, where I want that.
I being a relative Linux newly understand you exactly.  I use the GUI 
most times ... and drop to text mode for specific tasks ( reading text 
files, compiling progs etc.. )
: "Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
: backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."