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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?


On 16-Feb-98 Kevin Forge wrote:
- -> Cyberdyn wrote:
- -> I provide tech support for Windows.  I know very well how easy it is for
- -> a user to force his machine into a mode it can't handle ( you noticed I
- -> specifically chose 2 old NEC monitors ? ... This actually happened with 
- -> Win 95 and the user had to go to safe mode to get it working ).
- -> Until you can get XDM to a point where the user can tell it to start in
- -> VGA mode ( i.e. the same mechanism that starts fsck if you didn't shut
- -> down 
- -> properly could be used to prompt you with "The PC did not shut down
- -> properly
- -> last time ... do you want to start in vga mode ?"
- -> 
- -> You may notice I am less hostile to XDM ? ... As long as there is an out
- -> that will give the user a VGA scean or a TEXT screen at his desecration
- -> it can work.

This is extremely easy to do.  I am working on this along with the loop-o-death

- -> Speaking of which ... When XDM is working properly dose it allow you to 
- -> do C+A+f1 and get a full screen text mode ?  This is essential in my

Absolutely.  I have posted a message a few days ago about configuring XDM so it

1) Restart the Xserver for resource changes.
2) Disable the Xserver and drop the user to the console.
3) Shutdown the system
4) Reboot the system.
5) Switch runlevel to single user for admin.

In addition to using these functions VT switching also works.  When XDM
dissables the Xserver it remains running.  It only needs a SIGHUP to kick you
back into graphics mode.  I have created a "restart-xdm" script to do this for
the user.

- -> setup
- -> because I have a .28 DP 15" Monitor running at 1024*768.  This means raw
- -> text looks a lot better on the console than in X

I'm not sure I understand what the problem is with your display in an
xterm/rxvt?  I have used the same exact type of monitor with no problems.  I am
using an old 14" VGA now which is more a problem because it won't go above
640x480 and most X stuff assumes at least 1024x768 res.

I'm going to guess that you haven't yet found out that you can change the font
and window sizes in xterm and rxvt.  This way the letters won't appear as specs
on your screen.  Is this your problem?

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