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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

Cyberdyn wrote:
> On 16-Feb-98 Kevin Forge wrote:
> - -> Cyberdyn wrote:
> - -> I provide tech support for Windows.  I know very well how easy it is for
> - -> a user to force his machine into a mode it can't handle ( you noticed I
> - -> specifically chose 2 old NEC monitors ? ... This actually happened with
> - -> Win 95 and the user had to go to safe mode to get it working ).
> - -> Until you can get XDM to a point where the user can tell it to start in
> - -> VGA mode ( i.e. the same mechanism that starts fsck if you didn't shut
> - -> down
> - -> properly could be used to prompt you with "The PC did not shut down
> - -> properly
> - -> last time ... do you want to start in vga mode ?"
> - ->
> - -> You may notice I am less hostile to XDM ? ... As long as there is an out
> - -> that will give the user a VGA scean or a TEXT screen at his desecration
> - -> it can work.
> This is extremely easy to do.  I am working on this along with the loop-o-death
> vaccination.
> - -> Speaking of which ... When XDM is working properly dose it allow you to
> - -> do C+A+f1 and get a full screen text mode ?  This is essential in my
> Absolutely.  I have posted a message a few days ago about configuring XDM so it
> will
> 1) Restart the Xserver for resource changes.
> 2) Disable the Xserver and drop the user to the console.
> 3) Shutdown the system
> 4) Reboot the system.
> 5) Switch runlevel to single user for admin.
> In addition to using these functions VT switching also works.  When XDM
> dissables the Xserver it remains running.  It only needs a SIGHUP to kick you
> back into graphics mode.  I have created a "restart-xdm" script to do this for
> the user.
> - -> setup
> - -> because I have a .28 DP 15" Monitor running at 1024*768.  This means raw
> - -> text looks a lot better on the console than in X
> I'm not sure I understand what the problem is with your display in an
> xterm/rxvt?  I have used the same exact type of monitor with no problems.  I am
> using an old 14" VGA now which is more a problem because it won't go above
> 640x480 and most X stuff assumes at least 1024x768 res.
> I'm going to guess that you haven't yet found out that you can change the font
> and window sizes in xterm and rxvt.  This way the letters won't appear as specs
> on your screen.  Is this your problem?
Nope ... I have set the text to maximum size and with KDe I can save 
those settings.  My prob is that I have forced my monitor into a mode 
near it's limit and it looks great for everything but reading long 
documents.  then I get eyestrain.  With email it's ok since they are
short and I get to look away ( at keyboard ) thus avoiding eyestrain.
: "Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
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