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RE: GGI/Berlin?

řann 11-Feb-98 skrifar Tim Thomson:
> Yes, I agree with what you say about Berlin. Maybe when it becomes popular
> we could move to it, but thats a long time away.
  Not necessarily popular, but when it becomes useful.  That is, when
there is enough software on it, to make it possible to use it on daily

> Have you looked at GGI though? This is a kernel interface (I think), to
> the hardware that graphics programs can use for screen access.
> SVGAlibs have already been written in ELF format (I think), and an
> unaccelerated X server has been written.
> The idea is to stop the system dying, if X or a SVGAlib program dies.
> (Sometimes you have to do a hardware reset unless you have a remote
> terminal!!!)
  No, I haven't looked... thanks for the pointer, I'll take a look.

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