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RE: GGI/Berlin?

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Orn E. Hansen wrote:

>   However, SEUL is going to be a Unix style system.  And it isn't a very good
> idea to start by radically changing the user interfaces, just notice the effect
> the changes from libc5 to libc6 is having.  Every other Unix system, that is
> using a graphical user interface is based around X.  Leaning away from that, at
> this time, may risk a complete incompatibility with all the software that is
> already widely available on the freeware market.  And that wouldn't make SEUL
> very End User friendly. IMO.

Yes, I agree with what you say about Berlin. Maybe when it becomes popular
we could move to it, but thats a long time away.

Have you looked at GGI though? This is a kernel interface (I think), to
the hardware that graphics programs can use for screen access.
SVGAlibs have already been written in ELF format (I think), and an
unaccelerated X server has been written.

The idea is to stop the system dying, if X or a SVGAlib program dies.
(Sometimes you have to do a hardware reset unless you have a remote

I'm not to sure on some of this, (can't work out if parts have been
written or not), but it sounds cool.

The GGI home page is at :


Have a look!