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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

Joseph Sokol-Margolis wrote:
> > I'm saying it is not safe.  And making it anywhere close to safe will
> > take more time than SEUL has.
> huh? my impression was that SEUL is not some weekend hack that a
> couple of interested people are putting together, but instead a thought
> out, implemented linux distribution. One of the goals is to make it
> easy enough, and happy enough to lure away some windoze users. If we
> have time to generate tons of mail, and make plans, we should bloody
> well have time to implement them all.
From what I gather SEUL doesn't have time to write a text editor 
( at lest not for the 1st version ).  This means there isn't time
do a major reworking of XDM ( you could write 50 text editors and
an office suite in the time it takes to patch the little problems 
in XDM )
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