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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

řann 16-Feb-98 skrifar Cyberdyn:
> I don't understand why you can do something in Windows that you can't in
> Linux.  Seems to me that if windows can access the BIOS and lilo can access
> the MB BIOS it's just a matter of writing a program that accesses the BIOS
> the same way that Windows does.
> Does Windows have a secret key to manage this task that Linux doesn't?
  For LILO, it's as simple as with Windows.  It just accesses the BIOS, in
the same way any other MS-DOS program does.  Jumpt to E000:0000 that is
64K segment $E000 and 64K offset 0000.

  But once your in Linux, your inside a 32bit environment, not just old Billy
boys, 1Mbyte environment with only 640Kb user space.  Once here, you don't have
access to memory outside your area, and this means the BIOS.  And there are no
kernel jumps in Linux that allow you to go into the bios.  So trying to jump to
0x000f0000 will just result in a segmentation fault.

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