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Re: Discussion vs. consideration (of KDE/KIllustrator)

řann 29-Mar-98 skrifar Kevin Forge:
> unnecessary.  However we still need to work on it and move it along to 
> maintain FreeQT as a real threat.
  Ok, I can accept this logic... for the sake of securing that Qt remains

> I won't mention GTK vs *tif since the benefits of GTK are a little fogy 
> to me. ( I haven't read the docs but I here it's as fast as QT ) 
  The GTK most likely is, but the GNOME with guile most certainly
isn't.  It's so slow, that it crashes from slowness (well, that's a bit
exagerated, but you get my point).

> True a lot of it is redundant, and a lot of it is ego trip.  But hey
> nobody
> is getting paid so all Linux programers just do what they feel like :)
  I know, and it is precisely *that* which is wrong.  You can't just do
what you *feel* like and then cry over that it isn't being more successful
than M$.  If linuxers continue to just do as they feel like, it will remain
their *private* little OS.  And *that* is the whole point.  Many of us would
like to see Linux be a serious alternative to the lame Windows operating
systems, as it could be... and should be.

> I may be wrong here ( somebody correct me if I am ) but I think the KDE
> teem
> and the GNOME teem have had discussion on this issue and have hammered
> out a 
> few standards that should see apps from both camps interacting.  Once
> that
> is accepted as logical it's a small step to simply inform everybody else 
> that this is what you should write towards.  The beauty of Linux is that
> if 
> someone misses the standard through lack of skill or time other are
> likely 
> to fix his app and submit a diff to the author.
> The standard has already been implemented in KDE and is coming to GNOME
> it is simply in need of publicity. and a name change.
  Now *this* is a major step... if this is correct, we have to get this
standard and start getting it down on paper.  This is the most important
part of it all, because with such a standard *all* gui applications will
work, wether done in gnome, qt or any other.

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